Adding a border to the image

convert -bordercolor black -border 2 image_sin.png image_con.png

Turn the counter and adding a 5 pixel blue band

convert -rotate 180 -gravity north -background blue -splice 0x5 contadorA.png contadorA_r.png

Mounting the 2 images as a single one

montage -tile x2 -geometry +0+0 contadorA.png contadorA_r.png contadorA_m.png

Adding a black strip down and to the right

convert -gravity southeast -background black -splice 2x2 contadorA_m.png contadorA_m.png

Compose all the counters in a 12x7 matrix image

montage -tile 12x7 -geometry +0+0 contador*_m.png contadorfinal%03d.png